well i haven’t done a blog in some time but that’s mostly because i never no what to put in hear. hmmm well to start a blog is to say that i am happy and life is good. i think nearly everyone knows this but i now have a boyfriend and sadly you always get the people who are not happy about it but like i keep saying i’m nearly 26 and i think i can pick who i want. on Friday i was walking to my mothers and i saw someone who i no for a fact has been talking poop about me and my fella so when she was watching me i said HELLLLOOO and next min she puts her nose in the air and gives me sodding evils…i just kept walking.

my son is still having anger probs and sadly people aka adults are starting to take the pee out of him. been bugging the speech people but i’m sadly having no luck. they keep telling me the woman who is helping us is on holiday or shes not in.

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hurtful news

well i found some stuff out last night what ended up putting me into tears and making me feel sick as a dog. i just don’t understand why people can’t keep to themselves. people have been going round saying some right nasty stuff about me and that i have been saying so right nasty stuff about people. but what hurt the most was that it was people i just say hello to and some of the people i don’t have a sodding clue who they are????. i have also found out that people at work have been going round telling people crap and the best one i have heard was that i came to work with cuts and bruise’s and i went round telling people that i was getting beaten up by a man (O_O) WTF I HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE. i will admit that i did ring the police because of sometihn but i did not ring 24/7 so it also looks like someone was ringing and using my sodding name.

alll my life i have been a loner but that mostly because when i was a child i was bullied and i found it so hard to make friends. sadly when i do make friends with people they always turn out to be not so nice people. I’m the kind of person who will give someone food if they are hungry, i let people have a bath if they badly need one, i give stuff to people and not ask for money and if you have not worked it out I’m kind and friendly. even my son says thankyou.

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liam news hmmmm

well my son has gone to bed and after the day we have had I’m sorry to say this but i’m so happy hes asleep. i have been kicked, slapped , spat at and had my hair pulled at. been told not to show him that it upsets me but sometimes that is hard to do. Liam is now going to speech therapy after fighting a year because he can’t bloody talk. they have no-test he has a short attention span and maybe autism. arrrrr but they are just saying it but not sodding helping us. they will soon sodding help when he goes to school and the teacher wont have a sodding clue what he is saying and soon as he gets angry he be soon kicked out of school.

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(O_O) bins

why is it everytime i move out i always have a crazy nextdoor. i live in a upstairs two bedroom flat and on the other side of mine is a family with 3 children living in a 2bedroom flat. i went crazy yesterday after i found out that the family has been putting there crap into my black bin and i no it was there stuff because liam does not wear asda nappys and i don’t drink cheap milk. i took the stuff out of my bin and put it next to hers. hmmm well my window is open and i can here the woman talking about the bins wtf but you was putting your crap into mine not the other way round (O_O) ….anyway i have moved my bins to my part of the land so she can’t do it anymore but i’m still peed off that there was dirty nappys and crap in MY BIN. i no you people will be thinking kera its just a bin but its my bin lol.

UPDATE 27/6/14) - well i just had a run in with my next door who lives next to me upstairs says to me i can smell your bin from my front-room and he wanted me to move them. i could not be assed to have ago so i moved them but what i don’t understand is that his front and bedroom window is at the other side of the house so how can he smell my bins????. i think its because he has taking some of my land he was not happy they where next to my door (O_O). i’m going to be putting a lock on my bins tonight. 

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good news

well i haven’t done a blog in some time but that’s because Ive been a busy bee. i went to wales for 5 days with mum, dad and little man for a holiday and also to clean my head and unstress until i come back to meltham. Liam enjoyed himself and it was so lovely to see him smiling and having fun. i got to meet my nan and uncle and chilled with them.

i have also some good news. I HAVE A FLAT woop. i have been waiting for 4months and right now me and my family are sorting it out and i should be moving in hope in 2weeks time.

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woop looking up in life

10303172_10203069067863695_7146019084641695076_nwell i think its been a week since i did a blog on my page but thats because everytime i want to put something down i find it so hard to write about it online. I’m so happy that i have my own diary to put stuff in then i find it hard to talk to people.

well i have had soon good news from work and i no this is bad but i have not told anyone hmmm well i lie my best mates and family know…for a month now i have been doing morning’s at work because sadly when i was doing late’s i was getting spyed on and watched/followed home. my hours go back soon so i do hope all this stupid stuff will not happen again.

today it has been mummy and son day. i took him to fizzy lizards and you can tell by the photo where else. i have had some brilo news and after fighting for a year Liam is going to be seeing a speech and language therapist in June :D.



good day

10154011_10202965871523851_7694217837696108694_nwell i know some of my readers will be thinking hmmm keys i have not been able to read any of your blogs. that’s because i had to set it onto private but not anymore (read my blogs under this).

me and my family took my little man to cannon hall farm. i have to admit that i had fun to and i love seeing liam having fun and learning. its been a cold day and sometimes little drizzle but that didn’t mess up are day.

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